Wooden figure

The Fo’ Chisel® wooden figure is handcrafted in northern Italy out of locally grown, sweet-smelling pine wood. The figure is 6-inches high.

The rough pieces are initially machined using a 5-axis CNC machine and some pantography magic. Each wooden piece is then hand-finished by a local craftsman.

Firstly, the pieces are sanded to give them a pleasantly smooth finish. Thereafter, holes are drilled at both sides of the arm and head joints, and pieces of dowel are then glued in to complete the figure.

Manufacturing the figure in this way ensures that each piece is of a very high quality – the joints are reassuringly tight without any movement when the arms are positioned horizontally.

The arms and the head are removable (as pictured), allowing for easy customisation of the figure. The face sticker is also removable – but I think he looks kinda cute with it. He comes in a hand-stamped cardboard box, which is filled with renewable, wooden protective packaging.

Click here to download free template sheets for planning your design!

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